PROMINENCE 1 Optional Reading 2 Autumntime

Optional Reading 2



Autumntime 本文和訳

I saw my first tree today.

Dad used to tell me stories about the trees that still existed when he was a boy like me.

There weren’t many even then, but most people had seen at least one tree by the time they started school.
その頃だって多くの木はなかったが,ほとんどの人は,学校に上がるときまでに少なくとも1 本の木は見たことがあった。

If we could have traveled freely as in the old days, I would have seen some trees in my childhood.

But the government controls where we can and can’t go, so I haven’t had such a wonderful experience.

Today, controls on travel are even stricter. I’ve seen the plastic trees; nearly every street has a few of them.

But now after seeing a real tree, I can say for sure that the artificial ones aren’t the same at all.


strict 形容詞 厳しい
artificial 形容詞 人工の
at least 少なくとも
by the time ~ ~するときまでには

When we got up this morning, the sky was covered with dark, thick clouds and we were all excited.

Dad, Mom, and I took the elevator-bus from our underground residence up to the surface.

There we caught the monorail to Brooklyn.

From Brooklyn, we took another elevator-bus down to the underground main city level and then caught the super subway express to Boston.

I hear that people loved the sun very much a long time ago, but now we are very afraid of its dangerous ultraviolet rays.

It is said we can live on the ground, and a few people still continue to live there.

However, the government strongly advises against it and now the underground city life is all we know.

Maybe what used to attract people has disappeared from the surface, such as the feeling of the soft soil, the breeze through the trees, or the songs of birds.


thick 形容詞 厚い
elevator-bus 名詞 エレベーターバス
underground 形容詞 地下の
residence 名詞 住居
monorail 名詞 モノレール
Brooklyn 固有名詞 ブルックリン
subway 名詞 地下鉄
express 名詞 急行
ultraviolet 形容詞 紫外線の
attract 動詞 ~をひきつける,魅惑する
disappear 動詞 消える
breeze 名詞 そよ風
be afraid of ~ ~を恐れる
advise against ~ ~しないように忠告する