PROMINENCE 1 Lesson 9 Father of the Paralympic Games

Lesson 9

Father of the Paralympic Games


Warm Up
1. What do you know about the Paralympic Games?
2. What sport does the man in the picture play?

Part 1

You may know that the Paralympics are held every four years after the Olympics, but did you know that the Paralympics have a different origin?

They were founded by Dr. Ludwig Guttmann.

He devoted his life to helping paralyzed patients live a full life.

Guttmann was born into a Jewish family in Germany in 1899.

When he was eighteen, he helped patients at a local hospital.

The young assistant was shocked to see one young man with a broken back kept in a cast.

This man had lost not only his ability to move but also hope for his future.

Guttmann was told that the patient would be dead within three months.

But only five weeks later, he died.

This shocking incident led him to study medicine at the university.

In 1923, Guttmann started working as a doctor.

After ten years, the Nazis rose to power in Germany.

The life of German Jews was getting tougher and tougher.

In 1939, Guttmann escaped from Germany to England with his wife and children.

A few years later, he started working at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

It later became a place to change the lives of his paralyzed patients.


Paralympic 形容詞/名詞 パラリンピックの/パラリンピック(通常複数形)
Olympic 名詞/形容詞 オリンピック(通常複数形) / オリンピックの
origin 名詞 起源
found 動詞 ~を設立[創立]する
Ludwig Guttmann 固有名詞 ルートヴィヒ・グットマン
paralyzed 形容詞 麻痺した
patient 名詞 患者
Jewish 形容詞 ユダヤ人の, ユダヤ系の
Germany 固有名詞 ドイツ
assistant 名詞 助手,アシスタント
cast 名詞 ギプス
within 前置詞 ~以内で[に]
incident 名詞 (不快な)出来事,事件
Nazi 固有名詞 ナチス, ナチ党
German 形容詞 ドイツの
Jew 固有名詞 ユダヤ人
tough 形容詞 厳しい, 困難な
escape 動詞 逃げる,脱出する
Stoke Mandeville 固有名詞 ストーク・マンデビル
every ~ years ~年ごとに
live a ~ life ~な人生を送る
be born into ~ ~に生まれる
escape from ~ ~から逃げる

□ every ~ years  February has 29 days every four years.
□ live a ~ life  My grandfather moved to the country last year to live an easy life.
□ be born into ~ Some children who are born into poverty cannot go to school.
□ escape from ~ I hope to spend my holidays by the sea, escaping from my real life.

Q1 Who founded the Paralympics?
→ Dr. Ludwig Guttmann did.

Q2 What led Guttmann to study medicine at the university?
→ The shocking death of a young man with a broken back did.

Q3 In 1939, what happened to Guttmann and his family?
→ He and his family escaped from Germany to England.

FQ What do you think Guttmann did for the patient before he died?
→ I think Guttmann tried to make him feel relaxed. For example, giving him some water, giving food to him, or wiping his face or body.