PROMINENCE 1 Lesson 6 A Strange but True Superhero

Lesson 6

A Strange but True Superhero


Part 1

Anpanman was published way back in 1973. It was the year when Yanase Takashi turned fifty-five.

When Anpanman was published, Yanase was not famous as a cartoonist.

Anpanman, whose head is made of bread, was the superhero of his masterpiece.

When he found hungry children, Anpanman offered them part of his head as food.

In the early books, he also wore an old cape with patches, but he loved it.

He was an unlikely superhero.

After World War II, American culture started to affect Japan.

Superheroes such as Superman were very popular among children.

Many Japanese children played Superman by wearing a cape and pretending to fight bad guys.

Yanase had his own idea of superheroes.

“Those superheroes defeat their enemy and say justice has been done. But I don’t think they are true superheroes.

True superheroes help people in need.”


superhero 名詞 スーパーヒーロー
publish 動詞 (本などを)出版する
cartoonist 名詞 漫画家
masterpiece 名詞 最高傑作
offer 動詞 ~を提供する,差し出す
cape 名詞 肩マント
patch 名詞 継ぎ当て
unlikely 形容詞 ありそうもない
affect 動詞 ~に影響を与える
Superman 固有名詞 スーパーマン
pretend 動詞 ~をまねて遊ぶ
guy 名詞 やつ
defeat 動詞 ~を負かす,倒す
enemy 名詞
justice 名詞 正義
way back はるか昔に
make ~ of … …で~を作る
in need 困っている

□ way back This church was built way back in the Middle Ages.
□ make ~ of … This desk is made of wood.
□ in need We must care for children in need.

G-16 The day when he can return to his own country will come.

Q1 What is the head of Anpanman made of?
→ It is made of bread.

Q2 What do superheroes say when they defeat their enemy?
→ They say “justice has been done.”

Q3 For Yanase, what does a true superhero do?
→ A true superhero helps people in need.

FQ When you were a small child, who were your heroes? Why?
→ The superheroes of Ultraman series were my heroes. They had to defeat bad guys within three minutes and that excited me.