PROMINENCE 1 Lesson 5 Kastushika Hokusai, a Japanese Genius

Lesson 5

Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese Genius

日本の天才 葛飾北斎

Warm Up

  1. Who painted this picture?
  2. What did some French artists do after Japanese art was introduced?
Part 1 本文和訳

In 1998, LIFE, a famous magazine in the U.S., asked this question in a survey: “Who was the most important person of the past 1,000 years?”  The magazine made a top 100 list. 
1998年に,アメリカの有名な雑誌『ライフ』が,調査で次の質問をした。「この1,000年で最も重要な人物は誰だったか」 その雑誌は上位100人のリストを作った。

Thomas Edison, Christopher Columbus, and Martin Luther were the top three.  

In this list, there was only one Japanese.  Can you guess who it was?

Katsushika Hokusai, a famous ukiyoe artist in the Edo period, was on the list.  

You may wonder why, but the following words by Edgar Degas, a famous French painter, will answer your question.  

He wrote: “Hokusai is not just one artist among others in the ‘Floating World.’  

He is an island, a continent, and a whole world in himself.”

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, the works of Hokusai and others were introduced to Europe.  

They had a great influence on Western art, and the movement was called Japonism.  

In fact, knowing about this influence makes it possible to appreciate the works of such great artists as Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and even Pablo Picasso.

genius 名詞 天才
survey (n.) 名詞 調査
Thomas Edison 固有名詞 トーマス・エジソン
Christopher Columbus 固有名詞 クリストファー・コロンブス
Martin Luther 固有名詞 マルチン・ルター
Edgar Degas 固有名詞 エドガー・ドガ
continent 名詞 大陸
whole 形容詞 全体の
latter 形容詞 後半の
influence 名詞 影響
Western 形容詞 西洋の
Japonism 固有名詞 ジャポニスム(日本趣味)
appreciate 動詞 ~を正しく評価[理解]する
Claude Monet 固有名詞 クロード・モネ
Vincent van Gogh 固有名詞 ビンセント・バン・ゴッホ
Pablo Picasso 固有名詞 パブロ・ピカソ
you may wonder why, but ~ なぜだろうと不思議に思うかもしれないが,~
have an influence on ~ ~に影響を与える
such ~as … …のような~