PROMINENCE 1 Lesson 3 One Ocean, One People

Lesson 3

One Ocean, One People


Part 1 本文和訳

Jack (J): Welcome to our program, “Wonderful World.”  I’m your host, Jack McFly.  This week, we are introducing a story about traditional Polynesian navigation.  Today, we have a special guest, Ms. Uchino Kanako, the first Japanese crew member of Hokule‘a.  Hello, Kanako, welcome and thank you for being here.

Kanako (K): Thank you, Jack.  The pleasure is all mine.

J: So, Kanako, can you tell us about Hokule‘a?

K: Well, Hokule‘a is a replica of a traditional Polynesian canoe.  It’s a type of double-hulled canoe that was used to sail across the Pacific Ocean.  With canoes like Hokule‘a, ancient Polynesians bravely set out for the oceans long before Europeans started to travel across the world’s oceans.  In traditional Polynesian canoes, ropes were used to tie the hulls.  Surprisingly, the ropes altogether were sometimes several kilometers long.

ocean 名詞 大洋
Jack McFly 固有名詞 ジャック・マクフライ
Polynesian 形容詞/固有名詞 ポリネシアの/ポリネシア人
navigation 名詞 航海術
crew 名詞 乗組員
Hokule’a 固有名詞 ホクレア号
replica 名詞 複製品,レプリカ
canoe 名詞 カヌー
double-hulled 形容詞 双胴の
sail 動詞 航海する
Pacific Ocean 名詞 太平洋
European 固有名詞/形容詞 ヨーロッパ人/ヨーロッパの
hull 名詞 船体
altogether 副詞 全部で,総計で
The pleasure is all mine. どういたしまして[こちらこそうれしいです]。