PROMINENCE 1 Lesson 1 We Are Together

Lesson 1

We Are Together 共に生きる

Warm Up

  1. What makes life possible on the Earth?
  2. What does “We Are Together” mean?
Part 1 本文和訳

The Earth地球

On April 12, 1961, Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space on Vostok 1.

He reported on man’s first view from space: “The sky is dark. The Earth is blue.”

The Earth shines blue in the darkness of space because it has large amounts of water.

Why does the Earth have water? Because the Earth is at the right distance from the sun.

It is not too hot or too cold. It has the right temperature to have water.

Water is essential to life. Some other planets in our solar system have water, but too little or only in the form of ice. As far as we know, only the Earth can support life in the solar system.


large amounts of ~       大量の

as far as ~                       ~の限りでは

Soviet 形容詞 ソビエト連邦の
astronaut 名詞 宇宙飛行士
Yuri Gagarin 固有名詞 ユーリ・ガガーリン
Vostok 固有名詞 ボストーク
darkness 名詞 暗闇
amount 名詞
distance 名詞 距離
essential 形容詞 不可欠の
solar 形容詞 太陽の
form 名詞 形,型