NEW STREAM 1 Chapter 8 English or Kanji? A Unique “Ee Kanji” Art Form

Chapter 8

English or Kanji? A Unique “Ee Kanji” Art Form

p.114 Part 1 本文和訳

A new art form called “Ee kanji” is catching people’s attention.

It means “English-kanji”. It can be interpreted as “good kanji”, and also “feeling good” in the Kansai dialect. The pun makes sense.

Using black ink and strong brush strokes, the artist writes kanji characters on white paper.

Take the kanji character that means “sea” for instance.

Stare at it, and you will be amazed to find that it is also the English word sea.

Poetic words, for example sea or love, are chosen and designed to create an artistic image that represents the meaning of each word.

“Ee kanji” conveys various messages.

For example, the “Ee kanji” characters of “Love” and “flower” are heartwarming.

“SEA” gives us a feeling of strength, and “wind” makes us want to fly freely.

○catch one’s attention (人)の注意を引く
○make sense 意味をなす,うなずける
○for instance = for example 例えば


interpret ~を解釈する
dialect 方言
pun だじゃれ,ごろ合わせ
stroke 一筆
instance 例,実例
stare じっと見つめる
amaze ~をびっくりさせる
poetic 詩の,詩的な,詩のような
chosen chooseの過去分詞形。~を選ぶ
artistic 芸術的な,風雅な,趣のある
represent ~を表す
convey ~を伝える,…ということを知らせる
strength 力,強さ
freely 自由に


catch one’s attention (人)の注意を引く
make sense 意味をなす,うなずける
for instance 例えば
stare at ~をじっと見つめる
for a while しばらく
such as ~のような
for example 例えば
make~動詞の原形 (無理に)~に…させる


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