Big Dipper 2 Lesson 7 The Whimsical Robot

Lesson 7

The Whimsical Robot


Part 1

“This is the best robot I’ve ever made,” the doctor proudly explained.

“It can do anything. There’s no better robot for a human.”

Wealthy Mr. N responded, “I’d really like to buy it.

It’ll come in handy while I’m away at my vacation house.

It’s on a remote island and I’ll be staying alone.”

“Of course I’ll sell it to you,” the doctor nodded.

“I’m sure it’ll be very helpful.”

Mr. N paid the doctor a significant sum of money for the robot and left for the island.

The boat would return in a month to pick him up.

“Good,” said Mr. N. “Finally, a relaxing vacation. No paperwork, no mail, no phone calls.

I think I’ll have a beer.”

As soon as he said it, the robot brought a bottle from the refrigerator and poured beer into a glass.

“Impressive,” Mr. N said to himself.